Carrom Pool Premium Pass MOD APK – Modes of Passes

Carrom Pool Premium Pass MOD APK is one of the 3 modes of passes. Let me first tell you what a ‘Pass’ means. A Pass is a short-term paid subscription that enables the player to access exclusive rewards and perks otherwise unavailable to the general public. This includes but is not limited to gems/coins, chests, lucky shots, and more. 

One might ask, what does it mean by a short-term subscription? Well, by that, we mean that Carrom Pool Mod Apk has seasons. Each season has its perks when you purchase a pass. Although the players can play the season with the basic Pass, we recommend the purchase of either the Premium or Premium Plus pass. These passes have exclusive perks and rewards which are not accessible by the basic pass players. Let’s discuss in detail the passes. 

NameCarrom Pool Premium Pass MOD APK
GenreGame / Sports
System RequirmentsAndroid 4.4 and Up
Mod IncludesUnlimited Pass Features & Strikers
Last UpdateOct 11, 2021
Modified DateNov 02, 2021
Size40 MB
PublisherMiniclip SA
PriceFree Download
Rating4.2 ★ Out of total ratings 3754469


This Pass is free for all players. You can benefit from occasional prizes of coins/gems, open certain chests, and play at the lucky shots once a day. All these perks boost the players’ morale and increase excitement during game time. A standard pass does give the player some incentives, but as the name indicates, they are standard. And a player immersed in gaming needs much more than just “STANDARD.”

Carrom Pool Premium Pass MOD APK

Valid to its name, this is a superior and high-end pass. By purchasing the subscription to Carrom Pool Premium Pass MOD APK, you can unlock exclusive rewards. Such as occasional coins/gems, chests, lucky shots, frames, and avatars along with other seasonal exclusive perks. This Pass makes the gaming experience richer. The rewards and perks enable players to enter expensive arenas and play more efficiently during the entire season. 

Carrom Pool MOD APK Premium +

And finally, the most superior Pass in the CARROM POOL APK MOD. Yes, we’re talking about Carrom Pool Premium + Pass MOD APK. This subscription unlocks and gives access to the most exclusive of rewards and perks. It not only includes all the features of standard and premium passes but also has additional “Exclusive Rewards.” The features include a considerable number of coins, gems, master chests, multiple lucky shots, exclusive frames, and trendy avatars, along with exclusive seasonal perks. Not only this, the Premium + Pass allows the gamers to collect rewards up to the 16th rank in the pass road! Imagine playing with the Premium + Pass Mod Apk and ace the world’s most envied arenas with the stride of a classy player. Cool, isn’t it?

Looking for Options to play on other gadgets?

Did You Know that now you can Easily Get to play Carrom Pool Premium Pass MOD APK on your PC/ Windows?

Whats More Exciting is we have got it all for you on iOS / MacOS aswell .

All you need to do is just Download Carrom Pool Pass Premium APK and yes dont forget to take a look on all different modes mentioned in our Carrom Pool : Disc Game Modes article. This is going to be fun!!

Difference between Standard and Premium Pass MOD APK

Standard Pass gives access to a few standard privileges such as chests and occasional lucky shots along with a few coins/gems. All players can access these rewards and don’t require any subscription. Whereas in the premium pass, the rewards are more exciting comparatively, coins and gems are of more value, and you get more perks while you play. So obviously, when you compare the standard and Premium, Premium gets more votes against the perks it offers.

Difference between Premium and Premium + Pass MOD APK

Compared to the standard version, both Premium and Premium + are relatively rich in features. Premium and Premium + have high-value perks and rewards such as coins/gems, frames, avatars, and exclusive season perks. These perks are a mood booster for the players. Studies prove that incentives and rewards elevate one’s mood, give them an energy boost, and instill confidence in the player, leading to victory. That’s precisely what a player needs, right?

The only difference between these two is that Premium + gives the player a rank boost in the pass road. It starts to play from rank 16. It also offers exclusive perks in addition to the standard and Premium rewards in the form of exclusive high-value coins, gems, and frames & avatars.

A higher rank on the leaderboard with Carrom Pool MOD APK Premium +

The rank boost feature in Premium + Pass Mod Apk is, unfortunately, a target of misconception. Many gamers think that the purchase of Premium + can enable them to have certain extra perks. Some think it can boost ranks on the leaderboard and move their name to the top of the list. In contrast, the others believe that it can grant them access to extra levels, etc. Whereas, in reality, the rank boost featured in the Premium + Pass is only limited to the boost in the pass road. This means that the players will access the first 16 rewards/perks in this Pass without playing and gaining eligibility.

Premium/Premium + Subscription

Another confusion among the players in the subscription of Premium/Premium + Pass Mod Apk. Gamers who are not well aware of this game or are relatively new can fall prey to this confusion. They usually think that, like available subscriptions, getting either of these passes is a one-time process. 

Whereas both Premium and Premium + subscriptions are not one-time purchases. They are valid once for each season. They have a purchase option at any time while the season is in session. Another confusion is about carrying forward the unused rewards. Well, unfortunately, that too is not possible. Your rewards for the membership are not valid for the next season. Each subscription is for a specific season, and it expires once the season ends.

Carrom Pool MOD APK Seasons

The top right of the game screen features the seasons. Each season has a unique theme and has exclusive rewards. In order to keep the players informed of the duration, the season features a season timer. This timer indicates the beginning and remaining time to the end of the ongoing season. Once the season ends, the subscription automatically expires. This leads to any unused rewards being deemed inaccessible. 

Therefore it’s most advisable to purchase Premium/Premium+ Pass Mod Apk at the beginning of the season. One must also keep a close eye on the timer. These tips help to take advantage of maximum rewards/perks during the season. Similarly, they ensure that the player maximizes their reward collection in due time.

Finding the Legendary striker with Premium Membership

The Legendary Striker is one of a kind. Just as the name indicates, it is said to have an excellent aiming capability and can help win games with ease. Master chests usually conceal the Legendary Strikers along with other exclusive rewards. 

It’s a common misconception that being a premium member guarantees you to get a Legendary Striker. Whereas, this is not true. Opening the master chests, even with the membership, does not guarantee to get one. Some seasons have affixed a specific tier upon reaching which the player can win/access certain perks or rewards. These rewards vary from season to season as each season offers different perks to players. In order to make sure about what you’ll be getting against the subscription, please go through the Premium or Premium + pass tab in detail before making the purchase.


For a player looking for a classy way to enter the arena, one can opt to purchase a Premium or Premium + membership. In a nutshell, the membership for either Premium Pass or Premium + Pass is another way to ensure a more confident and aspiring game. It enhances the players’ capability to acquire exclusive rewards/perks and boosts their confidence, and enables them to play with an air of superiority and class.

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