Carrom Pool MOD APK Tips & Tricks

Carrom board is a very good game to help in increasing your Dexterity and mind agility. It is also very useful in relieving your stress, as it offers a fast-paced thriller that will make you laugh and cheer almost immediately after you place the first shot.

Finally! The wait is over; introducing you to the latest Carrom Pool MOD APK Tips & Tricks! The all time favorite game isn’t for a specific group of people or platforms, but it’s also a popular one for Android and iOS platforms.

This game is played on a board Known as Carrom board, pucks, and a minimum of two players. Carrom Pool MOD APK has many features such as different levels to play on, challenging opponents from all over the world, a competitive ranking system, etc. But it is challenging to beat your opponents when they are higher ranked than you in this game. To get the first position on the leader board or even top 10 positions, there are some tips & tricks that can help you out!

Carrom Pool APK MOD Tips & Tricks to get First Position on leaderboard

Carom pool is a game that requires the player to have great focus and concentration. One small mistake can lead you to lose your way into becoming victorious at this awesome Carrom Mod Apk game.

As the legends say, “Practice makes a man perfect” .

Carrom Pool MOD APK players are always seen practicing before they start their actual match. No distractions Once you are in the middle of Carrom Pool, make sure no other things are distracting around, or else it will be tough for you to concentrate on the game, and Yes! Choose wisely. When playing Carom pool mod apk, make sure that all your shots count because one wrong shot can cause mistakes in the next ones, resulting in a loss of points.

Different Carrom Pool MOD APK tips and tricks.

  • The first and most famous is Carrom Disc Pool Aim Trick or Super Aim trick.
  • Above Mentioned will cover how to Modify without root, using a simple version of MOD APK download.
  • Then comes Carrom Pool Unlimited Coin Gems MOD APK.
  • Following Tips is to unlock all strikers and pucks.
  • There are a few hidden settings in Carrom pool APK MOD, which you need to know.
  • Some developers are even giving us the best trick, which is unlimited coins and gems generators.
  • All we need to do is go through all of the Carrom Pool MOD APK Tips & Tricks as mentioned earlier and apply them while you play your next game.
  • There are a lot of YouTube videos on applying these tricks, but that won’t be possible without downloading our offered latest version of Carrom Pool MOD APK 5.4.4

Some More Carrom Pool Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of carrom pool mod apk, we should know how to play it properly. Here are some tips and tricks that will help us get a better Carrom experience.

1. Avoid unnecessary fouls

Beginners often fail to learn this fact. The most logical reason behind this failure is that they think it is unnecessary to place the first ball in carrom pool mod apk download. But, it is the truth across the board, and you must try to do so regardless of your carrom skills.

If you see that another player has positioned their shot well, leave it alone and go ahead with your own. After all, a well-placed shot can be a better score than placing an off shot or not hitting at all!

2. Never stop playing

Carrom disc pool mod apk is a very addictive game, so you have to be sure that you will get enough time to play it. If you are running late for work or other activities and need to get there as soon as possible, then it’s fine to skip Carrom. But if you need some practice before that, don’t worry about it.

Sometimes practicing is the best way to improve your game and increase your ranking in Carrom. So always make sure that you’re not leaving anything on the side of your table and play every single moment of free time.

3. Play the Paris Beginners Lobby

This may seem a little bit strange, but by playing this lobby, you will be able to get your fundamentals right straight away. This lobby is made specifically for beginners and leaves no room for error.

Every time you start playing on the carrom pool hack, you should do it with the Paris Beginners Lobby. This way, you won’t have to worry about any fouls and can focus on getting the game’s mechanics correct first.

4. Play Freestyle to practice

The trick which people use to get better at Carrom is practicing Freestyle. This involves playing and watching every single possible trick that you can imagine. You should start thinking about different scoring methods because this strategy will help you understand how Carrom works.

5. Pocket the easy coin first

Think of the easy coin as a gift to yourself, and it will come to you. Try to grab that first because you are ready to start playing once you have that. You will learn the mechanics of Carrom properly when you successfully pocket the easy coin first. Plus, it’s a great way to develop your tactics as you start playing.

6. Try to place opponents’ coins in difficult positions

Placing coins in complicated positions is one of the greatest ways to develop your game and improve your ability to score. It will help you perform nearly every offensive trick in Carrom, making it easier to win.

If you’re having difficulty getting used to the controls, then assigning coins randomly into difficult positions is a great way of teaching yourself the tricks.

7. Don’t panic when it goes wrong

One minute of frustration does not mean that it is wrong to play or even that you should quit immediately. This misconception is that beginners do not know how to control their emotions or take their mistakes seriously.

Which results in them making silly mistakes all day long (like purposely hitting a ball into a pocket). If you keep trying, you will eventually get better at carrom pool board games, and this will be one of the best experiences you have had.

8. Practice with your friends

You should practice with your friends. This will help you get better at the game because they will give you tips and feedback when it’s not working out properly. Playing with your friends is one of the best ways to improve your Carrom skills.

9. Thumb shot

This is a great trick to learn and can be used to get an easy win. You should try to thumb the ball into the upper right corner of the board. This can be done by being on the right side of the board and moving your thumb towards the bottom left corner while gripping the ball. This will result in the ball hitting the top right corner of the board, allowing it to roll into that pocket.

10. Don’t believe your luck

Luck does not exist in Carrom, and even if someone does hit a ball into a pocket that you cannot reach, don’t believe that you have lost because of luck. Just because you or your opponent has hit a ball you could not reach doesn’t mean that you are out of the game.

If you have an open pocket, it is your job to ensure that the ball does not make it into the pocket. If you miss a shot because of luck, that is one thing. But if you miss because of bad play, then there is no excuse for that.

11. Always have a plan and stick to it

This will help you predict which shots will be successful and which won’t be. This will also help you develop good habits regarding playing Carrom pool board games.

12. Board shot (If PRO player)

The board shot is one of the most important shots in the Carrom pool board game. You should learn to play this shot by keeping your eye on the ball and then hitting it into a pocket. This shot can be difficult at first, but you will eventually master this shot with patience and practice.

13. Aim for the corners of the table

When you aim for the corners of the table, you aim for a high percentage chance to hit a pocket. This is because you are aiming for a corner pocket that is very close to the other side of the table. This means that it will be very difficult for your opponent to get the ball out of their pocket, giving you a high probability of hitting a corner.

14. Don’t swing for the fences

When playing the Carrom pool board game, you should not swing for the fences. You will most likely miss the shot if you do, and your opponent will get a free shot. Instead, you should aim for an area of the table far away from your opponent’s pocket. This way, if you miss, then your opponent will have to make a difficult shot to get out of their pocket.

15. Try other strikers and pucks

You should always try other strikers and pucks to find out what shots work for you. In this way, you will play the carrom pool hack more successfully. Like most skill sports, you will learn by trying different things and then figuring out which ones work for you.

16. Tips to get the Queen in Carrom Pool game

The Queen is a powerful shot that you can use in your next game. The best time to use the Queen is when your opponent leaves their trunk open. You can use these tips to help you when playing the Carrom pool board game:

First, you should try to get your opponent to accidentally leave their trunk open. For example, you can make a good shot, and your opponent responds by trying to block the shot but leaves their trunk wide open.

You will then have a chance to take advantage of this situation by hitting the Queen. If you are lucky, you will be able to get a ball into a corner. At the same time, your opponent will probably have trouble getting out of their pocket with their trunk wide open.

You should also consider using this strategy when no one on the other side of the table is terrible at Carrom pool hack download. This way, you can sometimes beat your opponent 1-0 even if they play well against you.

A Bit of Information

  • We even offer an older version of Carrom Pool APK since it was launched. Suppose you need the original or MOD version. Our team will be more than happy to get one for you and help you with that. All you need to do is hit the contact us at the bottom of this page and send us your desired version.
  • As you play, you will see yourself winning in most of the games, and yes, not only winning, the unique achieved pucks and strikers will play a big role in getting your confidence to reach the next level.


All can enjoy carom Pool MOD APK tips & tricks, in short if you are looking to be on the leaderboard 2022 and become popular among the carrom pool community then what is it that stops you? and the best part is that it is an excellent game for people of every age group. It has no pre-requirements, and anybody can start playing it even without training.

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