What are the Best Gaming Headsets for your Phone suitable for online Carrom

If you’re like us, you consider yourself an avid gamer. You take pride in your rig and brag about that 100 FPS counter on top of your screen while showing off to noobz. But to truly enjoy the game , having a good pair of gaming headsets would be great too.

Best Gaming Headsets

We all love headsets as they let us communicate with our teammates and be on the lookout for those pesky snipers. As such, it does make sense to invest in a good headset. But what is the best gaming headset? We’ll discuss this later on as we first need to establish why you would want a headset at all.

Do Mobile Gaming Headsets really make a Difference?

All gamers don’t need headsets. Some people play by themselves and that’s enough to enjoy the game . Those who prefer to join an in-game chat with their friends or teammates can do it through Steam, BattleNet, BattleCall or whatever client they are using. Even on consoles, chat is possible through the Xbox Live and Playstation Network .

But what if you want to play a duo match with your loved ones? This is where headsets for gaming become useful. This way you may easily communicate and discuss different upcoming moves. On top of that, it is always a wise choice to communicate via voice message instead of typing all those messages. This is always convenient when you need to convey a message fast.

In addition, the use of headsets also prevent any background noise from interfering with your gameplay. You won’t have to worry about the sound of a barking dog or a crying baby seeping into your gameplay and making it harder for you to concentrate.

Trending Headsets for Mobile Gaming

Yes, You heard it Right! Gaming Headsets of Headphones are trending and a hot Topic these days in every other forum and discussion.

As the games keep getting better, so does the sound quality. This makes the gamers look for the best option. Cheap or low quality headphones are a waste of money and your game ranks as well.
There are several gaming headsets available today, one better than the other. It is up to you to decide which one is best suited for your needs and preferences. You can go with an analog or a digital headset. Analog headsets contain plugs that attach to the device’s headphone and microphone ports while digital headsets use USB connections which lets them connect directly to devices with a USB port.

In addition, you can choose between wired and wireless headsets depending on your convenience. Wired gaming headsets are more stable as they attach directly to the device but there is a certain risk of being yanked out or disconnected from the device if something suddenly pulls it. Wireless gaming headsets have no such issue but they need to be charged regularly or use batteries that will need to be replaced when they run dry.


Choosing the best headset for mobile gaming is difficult mainly because there are so many brands in the market. Operating system compatibility is also an issue as not all headsets work on Android and iOS . But thanks to Google, you literally can find any information regarding headsets.

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