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Once a person starts getting into gaming they discover a lot of new winning techniques along their gaming journey. Bitaim plus for Carrom Pool apk is One of the most talked about discoveries.

Bitaim for Carrom Pool

Have you ever felt that while playing Carrom Pool, the opponent keeps winning all the games. If so, should you do some research to see if one can win all the games without using any Carrom Pool Hacks?

To be specific it is not a hack, but a Carrom trick which is widely used by Carrom Pool Users from almost every region of the world. Bitaim Plus can be installed separately and turned on in the background while playing Carrom Pool and it has a simple mechanism, it reads the image and analyze it .Then the Player is given the best angle to score the puck.

Well you guessed it right! 

Let’s have a sneak peek into Bitaim and Bitaim plus. 

What is Bitaim?

Everything is gradually being replaced from humans to machines. Bitaim for Carrom Pool apk exactly does the same, It creates an aim between the stiger and the puck to simply score it. This technology uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the best winning shot. There are a few predefined shots which are free of cost and can be used after installing bitaim apk.

  • Double Puck Shot
  • Reverse Striker Shot
  • Reverse Puck Shot
  • Bottom V Shot
  • V Shot
  • Top V Shot

Bitaim+ also Known as Bitaim Pro or Bitaim Plus.

Bitaim Plus is exactly the same as its basic version, the only difference is that bitaim pro apk (reffered as bitaim plus premium apk) has a new set of shots which are mentioned below.

  • Bounce Shot -1
Bitaim Plus_ Bitaim for carrom pool
  • Bounce Shot -2
Bitaim Plus_ Bitaim for carrom pool  mod apk

These moves can be purchased separately and can be added to your bitaim pro apk download.

Bitaim MOD APK / Bitaim Plus MOD APK

Bitaim uses AI to determine successful shots and has been limited to 6 predefined shot types. So the developers are working hard to get the rest of the paid package to be included in the upcoming bitaim carrom pool apk download known as the modded version of bitaim which is expected to launch soon.

Download Bitaim latest version


Bitaim carrom pool stands out when compared to all the auto aim apk’s in the digital world. An example of one of them is aimcool for carrom pool which is also very well known for its aiming abilities. Bitaim latest version download is available at the bottom of this page. You may send us a request to add anything which has been missing and we will be glad to list that for you and bring in as much information as you need.


Q: What Version of Bitaim plus is the latest Version?

A: Bitaim 1.1.18 is the latest Version.

Q: Do Bitaim or Bitaim plus have a Mod version?

A: Bitaim currently does not have any Modded versions, however devs are trying their best to bring up new modded versions.

Q: Is Bitaim available on Apple Devices?

A: Bitaim Currently Supports only Android devices.

Q: Which Android Mobile supports Bitaim?

A: Bitaim is supported by all android devices, the only limitation is that the version of android should be 5.1 and above.

Q: Does my Mobile need a lot of space to download Bitaim?

A: Bitaim is only 20MB, you will not need a lot of space.

Q: Will using bitaim for carrom pool get my Carrom Pool account banned?

A: Bitaim and bitaim+ is risk free and will not get your account banned.

Q: Is Bitaim plus and Lulubox for carrom pool same?

A: Bitaim+ and lulubox for carrom pool are not the same however they can be used together.

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