Carrom Pool Script

What is Carrom Pool Script by Andorid

As technology advances, everything keeps changing with time, be it games, softwares or any technology. Moving on to the next step, every software uses scripts running at the back end to automate any process. Similar is the case with Carrom Pool Script as basically it also shares the same codes and files as other games. 

The games we play have a script written at the backend to show us the exact game on the front end. Everything is programmed and enhanced according to the user experience.

As the demand for anything increases, everyone in the room wants to be the best at it.

Who made Carrom Pool Script

There are a lot of developers who claim to be the rightful owner of the scripts, but this argument never ends. Once the game started gaining popularity, more and more people started looking for loopholes and carrom pool cheats also known as carrom pool hack. The reason was simple and straight, and that was defeating others and getting that Queen.

Taking advantage of this growing trend, the programmers made a script which can run and be executed during game play changing the mechanism of the game which results in winning. 

We love our readers and visitors,for that reason we have gathered all the information which we will be sharing with you, following these steps you can win too! 

Along with sharing the information, we will share the scripts as well for you to download and use them when needed. 

How to use Carrom Pool Script

We will break down the process into simple steps which can even be followed by novice gamers. 

First off, you will need to get these files ready: 

  • Game guardian APK 
  • X8 Sandbox apk
  • Carrom Pool Script 

All of the Above mentioned are available by visiting and following our Telegram Channel.

Once you Have all of the above mentioned files, all you need to do is follow each step carefully. 

  1. Install X8 Sandbox APK, once the Installation has completed.
  2. Grant all the permissions prompted to X8 Sandbox.
  3. Once Done, An Ad will appear, Close the ad and wait for the processing screen to finish the processing.
  4. After the processing has completed, you will be taken to the main screen inside the app.
  5. You will see the “+” sign on the main screen, simply click on that and a list of all apps will appear. 
  6. Find Carrom Pool in that list and click on it. 
  7. Press the add Button beside Carrom Pool.
  8. Once you click on it, a message will appear “GoToGrant”. Press that button.
  9. It will take you to a permission saying “Allow Unknown apps to be Installed” Turn that On.
  10. After you have done that, X8 sand box will take some time to process.
  11. After that it will ask to install the application, Press on Install and it will start Installing.
  12. Once Sandbox Shows the Message saying “App Installed” press Done and it will be closed.
  13. Now Again Open Sand Box and let it process, once done proceed to the main screen with the “+” sign like in Step 5.

Just a Few More Steps!

  1. This time press the Add button beside “Carrom Pool” and “Game Guardian”.
  2. Finally Carrom Pool and game guardian will be installed. (Please note if Carrom pool shows an error while installing in the second step press the delete button and install it from play store or google).
  3. Once both apps are installed, Open Game Guardian app and let it load for a bit and then launch the app. 
  4. Keeping Game Guardian open in background, Launch Carrom Pool Application and login via facebook or whatever method you use. If it doesn’t let you login. Turn the data or wifi off and then enter the username password details. 
  5. Now go to Downloads using EsExplorer or any file manager and cut the script file provided by us and paste it in the Shared Folder located inside X8Sandbox folder. 
  6. Once you are done with that, open the game guardian while the carrom pool is already running.
  7. Press the play button after choosing carrom pool in Game Guardian and then choose the path where you copied the script.
  8. It will load for a while and Boom you have Successfully done it.

Now win that game and kill it!

Note: If you don’t want all these steps, try out the Carrom Pool MOD APK.


We understand that the process was lengthy and a bit techy, but guess what the urge of being a winner will surely make you do that. If you face any Issues, We are always waiting for your inputs and feedback. 

If any of our beloved visitors want to contribute and have something better, you can share it with us and help the Carrom Pool community grow and win.

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