What is a Carrom Board?

If you are into games/sports then you must know the history of the most trending game these days. Carrom Board is the game that has been ruling the world of gaming for a long. The Carrom board was invented in the early 20th century and it’s a very famous indoor family entertainment in almost every household in South Asia today. Founders are said to be from Indian Royal Family. 

Countries Where Carrom Board is Trending

Very well known in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh followed by Nepal and other neighboring countries. Not only in Asian countries, but it is quite popular in Gulf countries as well.

The best part of this game is that there is no cap or type of people who play this game. No specific class of people play this game, instead, it is a game for the rich, middle class, and lower-middle-class people as well. Rich and poor don’t matter when it comes to Carrom board. 

The popularity and acceptance of this game have drastically increased over many decades.  The game became so popular that clubs and cafes started to sponsor Carrom Board tournaments. People started playing it as a fun game at parties and family gatherings Which then lead to the formation of an international federation of carrom in different countries. 

Carrom Board a Patented Game?

The game was not patented and does not have any fixed rules. Rules and types of games keep changing along with the states or places it’s being played at. However in terms of design it was first patented by Allen Haskell on October 26, 1897. (USD27788S)

Good Old Days!

Sometimes due to the busy schedule of work and fast-paced worldly activities, we forget what helped us grow and gave us the best memories of childhood. Carrom is for sure one of them. Nowadays If someone visits you and you have a carrom board. They will barely have the courage to ask for playing. In previous times this game was a reason for meetups, to be honest!

Today every single person wants the luxury style and yes no one wants to move and make efforts for any sports. Looking at the trends compared to the previous century. Sports and games have all transferred from offline to online. 

Carrom Board is now Online

Having said that, what is meant by this is we still love to play, we still love to hang out. But we don’t want to make efforts plus they don’t have time to travel long distances and face that busy traffic. Instead, they opt to choose online gaming, which is a trending method of gaming plus socializing. Now, game freaks aren’t what they used to be. Now you see them with gadgets in their hands who are playing anywhere, anyplace, and anytime.

Getting back to our Topic Carrom board!  we are glad to inform you that there is an online game for Carrom Board as well which is Recognized as Carrom Pool. This game is available on all the well-known Operating systems either it is Android or iOS, Even we have a trick for you to play it on Computer/Windows

We will not go into details of that for sure, as we have already published an article on that. 

A Perk for Carrom Players Offered by Us

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